Sunday, December 14, 2008

Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50k

The VHTRC held it's December FatAss run this past Saturday, the Magnus Gluteus Maximus 50k. It's a very fitting name seeing as how this is the time of year that we're all putting on the extra L-B's. I've definitely been working on my magnus gluteus maximus lately. I'm still recovering from what seems like a never-ending foot/shin injury, so less time running has equated to more nights going out with friends. Couple that with Thanksgiving and holiday party smorgasbords and you get one ultrarunner who is in dire need of some high-mileage weeks.

The run started at Hemlock Overlook Park, the same start as the club's annual Bull Run Run 50-miler, and headed south on a there-and-back route. My goal was to take it easy, run about half the distance and enjoy the comradery of my new friends. I went out 8 miles and turned around. Unfortunately around mile 9 my foot/shin pain came back and I was forced into taking way too frequent walk breaks. Slowing down also cooled me down, and with the day's cold temps I really wished I could've run the whole thing. At least there was plenty of pizza and beer at the finish line to warm me up!

Pre-run socializing

Gary Knipling awarding Phil Rosenstein a token of appreciation for his recently completed trans-American run

The VHTRC crew

Blurry running shot

Well aren't I the festive one?

Pizza and beer. The real reason ultrarunners do what we do!

Quattro's Yoohoo was looking a little off.

Me, Megan and Bryon - the puffy jacket crew

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