Sunday, January 18, 2009

Training Run Report: MMT#1

The VHTRC (well, mostly Tom Corris) puts on a series of 3 training runs to prepare folks for the MMT100. On Saturday I braved the cold temperatures and ran MMT Training Run #1, a 30.9 mile run that runs approximately the first third of the MMT course from Buzzard Rock south to Camp Roosevelt.

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Now when I say "cold temperatures", keep in mind that I have lived in Maryland all my life, so cold to me is anything below freezing. Only once in a blue moon does it drop below 20 degrees. Well, as we carpooled to the start during the wee hours of the morning, I looked at the thermometer on the inside of the car and it read "-3". Negative friggin 3!

My face when I realized what I was getting myself in to

As everyone was gearing up and primping for the group picture (gotta look good!), the chest strap on my Nathan hydration pack broke right off. I rushed to get it back on somehow, but all I could fashion was a ghetto knot that kept the pack lopsided on my back. By the time I got my pack together, the picture was taken and everyone had been running for almost a minute. I darted off and rushed to get back to the folks that would be running my similar pace. Then came the first climb of the day.

Hooray for MMT climbs!

Elevation profile for the day - 7.7k ft of elevation gain

As we merrily ran along, perspiration turned to ice. Everything, and I mean everything, was frozen.

Notice the frozen eyelashes. And hat. And everything else.

Marlin and Marti on one of the few flat and runnable sections

Robin wanted a pic of her sweet mitts. They were indeed sweet.

Slightly rocky up on top of the ridge

If you haven't been able to tell, I got a little camera happy during my run. I just got a new camera and I figured people prefer seeing pictures and videos over reading. Well, at least my lazy ass does. So from here on out, less typing and more pictures. We froze. We ran. We conquered. Yay.

Gotta love the new skull gaiters

I'm tired. Who wants to stop and snap a picture?

The bulge under my jacket is my hydration pack. The bulge in my pants is... nevermind.

Hunchback of Notre Dame mode (the only way to thaw my frozen pack)

Aide station #2

Note the frozen solid stream.

Roxanne and Robin - my partners in crime for the day

Marti approaching the finish line / fire.

Warmth good. Mmmmm.....

Gary found Moose. Moose was lost on the ridgeline for a while. Oops.

New friends. Great times.

All in all it was a great day. Finished the 31 miles just a tad under 7 hours. Most folks stuck out around and did another 26 miles on Sunday, but unfortunately I had to duck out due to other plans for Saturday night. Either way, these MMT training runs are great prep for the race itself and I am definitely getting more comfortable with the course, both in terms of my abilities and my familiarity of the course.

May 16th. 100 miles. MMT trails. Bring it on!


Amy A said...

wow...that video really shows how the rocks are up there!! looked super cold but like a great run!

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is the MOOSE, you failed to mention that bill and I met your dad the day before at the rag shop in another state the day before the race and you somehow ended up in the same vehicle as us on the ride to the start, and I WAS NOT really lost , I had quite an idea when I took the shortcut on orange which is not the climb that you made out of habron but still quite an up and downhill expeience, lesson learned, NEVER venture out without a flashlight and the map of the mountain as the cold set in and made me not so sure where I was going for just a few minutes, great to have met you, good luck at MMT2009, you will do great