Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Recap

Here we are in the final few hours of 2008. Wow what a year it's been! I didn't get as much skydiving in this year as I had hoped (roughly 100 jumps in '08 compared to 200 jumps in '07), but I did accomplish A LOT in terms of running. Let's see, where to begin?
  • December '07: First run more than 5 miles (ok so it's not 2008 but it's close)
  • March: First Half-Marathon (B&A Half - 1:39:57)
  • March: First Marathon (National Marathon - 3:48:20)
  • October: First 50k (PHT 50k - 5:18:37)
  • November: First 50-miler (JFK50 - 8:23:32)
I'm finishing off the year with roughly 1962 miles logged. If it wasn't for a few nagging injuries before and after JFK, that number would be 2000+. Oh well, just another goal to have for next year, though I'm sure 2000 will come easy with all the races I have planned! Speaking of '09 plans, here's a quick list off the top of my head. I'm not really good with making "resolutions", but here are some personal goals that I am currently working on that will come to fruition in the coming year:
  • First 100-miler (MMT on 5/16)
  • Complete the Beast Series
  • Eat healthier so as to be better prepared for above mentioned races
  • Become more flexible to prevent annoying little running injuries
  • Skydive more, or at least do more fun jumping (as opposed to work jumping)
  • Blog more often (because let's be honest, I'm an engineer not a writer, so it's hard to sit down and type willingly)
It's a short list but I feel that shorter lists allow you to focus on what's important. I started 2008 with one goal, to complete a marathon, and look where I am now! I'm sure 2009 will be a wild ride, so hold on tight kiddos and keep checking back for plenty of race reports and skydiving stories!

PS - Shout out to AlanaB for making my fresh new banner at the top of the page!

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Tara Lawall said...

Damn 5 miles to 50 miles in one year. I'd say that's progress.