Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Video from this weekend

This past weekend I finally made my way out to the dropzone and got some good jumping in - 9 jumps total. Showed up late on Saturday and they put me right into the thick of it with all the tandems we had booked for the day. On Sunday business was much slower so I took advantage of it and got in some great freefly jumps (and a wingsuit jump too).

Here is the video of a head down freefly I did with Lisa on Sunday (filmed from her perspective). It was the first time I've docked on someone while head down... and I did it twice! What an amazing feeling. I had a blast!


Kel said...

awesome, congrats on your first headdown dock!

hehe.. i'm the first to comment on your blog!

Laura Marie said...

i've always wanted to go sky diving!! i almost went last summer for my birthday but then chickened out. i'm still determined to make the jump!!