Friday, October 24, 2008

PHT 50k pictures and official results

As promised, here's the hula-hooping picture from this weekend PHT 50k. And as expected, yes I look like a fool.

This ultra stuff is serious bidness (Photo: Mike Bailey)

The official results are also in. Out of the 100 runners signed up, 51 completed the full 50k distance (although I can't say all 100 toed the line that morning). Here are the top 10 as listed on the VHTRC official site:

Runner Dist
in km
Bonus Time Total
Keith Knipling 50 5 4:32 4:27
Justin Faul 50 43 5:17 4:34
Bobby Gill 50 36 5:18 4:42
Justine Morrison 50 10 4:57 4:47
Andrew Simpson 50 23 5:18 4:55
Will Weidman 50 0 4:58 4:58
Laura DeWald 50 24 5:27 5:03
Ragan Petrie 50 5 5:27 5:22
Eric McGlinchey 50 15 5:40 5:25
John Shepard 50 32 6:16 5:44

Holy begeezus! 3rd place? I guess that's what happens when you don't think twice about ingesting spam, liquor and chocolate and mixing it all together for a few hours. Too bad JFK won't have these bonus points... oh well!

Additional pictures from the event can be found here and here.

Thanks again to Kerry (the RD) and everyone else at VHTRC for the great time!


Mike Bailey said...


You can thank me for that amazing "hula hooping" picture.It will live forever in trail running lore(or atleast VHTRC lore). I'm also the guy that said your gyrations would be illegal in the 1950's...hide the kids. Congrats on a solid first time ultra run, and welcome to the family of loonies. You looked strong when I passed you somewhere in that 3 mile loop at 17-20 miles. 5:18 is a great time for that course in any year. I'll be seeing you at JFK.

Run like you stole something,
Mike Bailey(asian surfer guy with long hair)

BGill said...

You could have just said "dude with the bright shirt" and I would've known. I could see you coming from miles away!

Thanks for the kind words. I'm really excited for JFK, so knowing people out there on the trails will definitely be a plus. Thanks again for the pic (I think). See you soon.


Kel said...

"look like a fool"
look a little silly...
maybe ;)