Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess who I met today?

Me: "You're the reason I got into ultramarathons."
Dean: "I'm sorry."

Talk about a genuinely nice guy! We only had a few minutes to chat, but it looks like I should be able to run a few miles with him at The North Face Endurance Challenge on Sept. 6th since we'll both be running the half marathon. You would think he would be running the 50-miler but he's the host of the event so he'll have a ton of obligations and he can't spend all day running. I'll be doing the half since it's a bit too early in my training program to be "racing" a 50k like I originally planned. Looks like running the half won't be so bad after all!

(And a shout out to Salty for making this run-in happen. Gotta love that girl!)


Bhanrah said...

way to blow the lid on this one

SLB said...

Man, that's dry!

He does seem a nice guy, good luck at your race